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Powerful Strategies Designed to Assist Anyone in Real Estate... From a New Agent to a Seasoned Professional

Top producers, world class athletes and other high achievers have benefited from the coaching process for many years. Now you can benefit from the same proven techniques and strategies that have enabled many other individuals, just like you to improve their production by as much as 50%!

As a part of the coaching process, you and your coach will map out your personal and professional goals by building your very own "Personal Empowerment Process Model™". Equipped with this valuable tool, you will receive cutting edge success strategies for today's real estate market, personalized coaching from your coach and on-going training to assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals. The World-Class Coaching programs are designed to help keep you on track to achieving your goals through guidance, encouragement and intensive accountability. The program is ideal for:

* New agents looking for directions.
* Seasoned agents who have yet to reach their potential.
* Anyone feeling they're pulled in too many directions.
* Individuals who would like to reach the next level.

Empowerment is a fundamental building block for personal and professional success. So is the building of collaborative relationships. That's why both of these are such critical components of everything we do at World Class Coaches®

— Karen Edwards Turnquest, National Client Development Representative



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