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Unleashing Your Potential™


Unleashing Your Potential™ is a highly flexible program designed to assist you in realizing more of your natural God-given potential. The applications are practical, easy to implement, and focus on individual and team results. Each element of the program creates a powerful path to realizing more of your untapped potential. The sessions will guide you to:

* Release Potential
* Change Beliefs
* Invent Futures
* Enhance Teamwork
* Improve Performance
* Increase Self-Efficacy
* Improve Quality of Life
* Cultivate Creativity
* Become Accountable
* Lead Effectively
* Acquire a Positive Outlook
* Create Visions
* Control Moods
* Overcome Resistance to Change
* Increase Self-Worth


Unleashing Your Potential™ provides revealing and productive insights into how to develop the characteristics and traits of highly effective and high performance people. The program will unlock a treasure chest of possibilities, unleashing your potential in ways you never dreamed possible. The tools and techniques learned in this course can be immediately applied to your life to help you reach your goals easily and with a great deal of enjoyment and self-fulfillment.


Growing Tree Learning Center, Inc. produced this highly effective program. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in the personal growth and development industry and helping our clients achieve more of their God-given potential.


"Success starts with a winning game plan. Johnnie's Game Plan is a model that should be used by anyone who is interested in becoming a peak performer."

Earl Campbell NFL Hall of Fame Running Back

"This program provides opportunities for organizations to help their employees (or volunteers) develop to their fullest potential. In turn, motivated and directed employees will give back much more to their organization."

Frank Woschitz, Director (ret), NFLPA Retired Players Association

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