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WCC Jump Start Coaching Program™

What might be holding you back from becoming a more productive and consistent producer in today's unstable economic environment? What skills are necessary to succeed in today's market? The WCC Jump Start Program is about answering those questions. Benefit from the same proven techniques and strategies that have helped many others improve their production by 20, 30 or even 50%. Our Coaching Programs are designed to help new agents seeking direction, seasoned agents who have yet to reach their potential, those who feel they are pulled in too many different directions, and those who want to reach the next level in their lives & careers.

Program Features

Personalized coaching by your coach

Keys to successful database management

Database communication skill development

How to be more efficient and productive in generating quality leads

Efficient and effective lead follow-up techniques and strategies

Effective closing techniques for operating in today's nervous economy

Keys to overcoming buyer and seller objections

Keys to scheduling and successful time management

Personal guidance, instruction and encouragement to keep you on track to achieving your goals through intensive accountability

Two one-hour Group Skill Training sessions per month conducted by a World Class Coaches' Certified Coach

Two one-hour Coaching Calls per month with your coach

Unlimited communication with your coach via e-mail or fax

Role playing on subjects that support your coaching


Progam Purpose: Assist Real Estate Professionals in creating a solid foundation, becoming more focused, and practicing the disciplines and basic fundamentals to increase their effectiveness. Upon meeting targeted production standards, WCC Jump Start Coaching Program members are eligible to graduate to World Class Coaches®' Executive and Platinum coaching programs. Ask your personal coach for details.


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