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     I recently received a phone call from an agent in San Antonio, Texas looking to refer a couple relocating from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas. In an effort to select the right agent, she stated she was going to interview three different agents and choose which one she thought would best serve the needs of her clients.
     I asked her to tell me about the couple, did they currently own a home, price range, and did they have children? When she said they had three young kids, I realized what I needed to do next. I needed to take the "Me" out of the equation and focus on their needs.
     I immediately explained that I understood how difficult moving is for anyone, especially for children. I let her know that I had a Moving DVD that was great in helping children and their parents in dealing with the difficult issues of moving. I asked if I could send the DVD to them. She said that would be great, but she needed to do one thing first; she needed to get back in touch with the other two agents to let them know that she had found the right agent for her clients! The next morning I was on the phone speaking with the clients arranging a time to meet.

Carrie Weikert, Past Lone Star CRS President
Past ABoR Professional Development & Education Committee
Luxury Homes Division Member
Keller Williams Realty


   I've been working with an investor client for 2-1/2 years. He and I met face-to-face at the beginning of our journey together, but, since then, he has purchased 9 properties through me from his home in the East. It's been a very solid but purely business-level relationship. Recently, in one of our email chats about various properties, he mentioned that he and his family were considering moving to the Phoenix area. He put me in contact with his wife, and she and I began discussing what was important to them when looking for a home. I learned that they have a 2-year-old son and schools are of paramount importance to the family. Shazam! I shipped to Mom The Great Moving Adventure DVD along with the article discussing how parents can help children of different ages cope with, and even enjoy, moving. I got a poignant phone call after she and her little one watched the DVD together, thanking me for providing such a valuable "service of the heart". What started as a purely business-level alliance has now deepened simply because I cared about my investor client's family, especially his son. I don't believe I'm mistaken in thinking I can add this lovely family to my "Clients For Life" column....Oh, I almost forgot! This family is part of a culture whose extended families tend to move together, so I am now helping Mom's sister's family, Dad's uncle's family and Dad's parents find homes...

Bobbi Burke
Envoy Real Estate Services, LLC



     Thank you for The Great Moving Adventure DVD. It has been a big help in helping our family deal with the move from a familiar neighborhood to a brand new neighborhood and school. Our two young children, ages 11 and 6, found they identified with the boy in the video, Darryl, who was nervous about leaving his home and making new friends. I'd say this was our children's biggest fear, and will be this Fall when they start another new school.
     Both our kids liked the adventure theme and my son loved the skateboard ramps and survival box. Both kids also felt the video was useful in helping them meet new friends, by exploring new places and opening their eyes to the fact that you can make new friends anywhere you go. My younger daughter really liked when the cartoon characters interacted with the real person, Trevor, and she thought he was funny.
     I too thought the video was well done and very good at discussing the challenges that a whole family will face when moving. I especially liked the part that stated the emotional impact that a move can have on children and how to address those feelings. It gave me great insight and thus a sensitivity to what Ben and Claire might be going through, otherwise I probably would have been oblivious.
     Hopefully these comments are useful to you as the video was useful to us.

William and Anne Lambson, The Lambson Family, Homeowners


     I wanted to tell you what recently happened with one of my sellers. Their relocation company gave them the name of three agents that worked in the area where they lived, and told them to interview all three and then pick their favorite realtor. They quickly told the relo director that they lived in an area where I had the majority of the listings, and that my listings seemed to be selling. They asked if they could interview me. I got a call from their relo company asking if I had interest in their listing. I said yes, and was given permission to contact them. After meeting with them, I listed their home.
     I understood that the husband would be leaving the following week to start his new job in a different state. The family seemed really sad about that, but they knew it would be necessary for them to live apart until the house sold. We were thrilled when three weeks later we had a contract on their home, with a short scheduled closing date. I had the wife sign the contract and forward everything to her husband for his signature. I noticed the children watching the process, but they were quiet and didn’t have much to say.
     The following evening, I got a call from the wife asking if it would be possible to move the closing date forward. I asked her if there was a reason for her request. She said that her 6 year old daughter was really having a problem with the move. She misses her father and even mentioned that she was afraid her father would forget about her, if they weren’t all together again soon.
     At that point, I realized that I had just received a supply of “The Great Moving Adventure” DVD’s, and I asked her if she would be okay if I brought over a DVD that was designed to help children during the moving process. Her response was that she would appreciate anything I could do to help them get through this tough time.
     The next day I delivered the DVD to their home. I asked her to watch it as a family, and I told her I would be following up with her in the next day or so to see how the girls enjoyed it. When I spoke with her again, she said it had really made a difference with her 6 year old. She seemed calmer now, and not nearly as emotional as she had been before. She now realizes that it’s going to be fun, and that they will be reunited with their father in just a few weeks.
      It was wonderful realizing that I had a new tool that could help them get through this tough time in their lives. I won’t hesitate to pull out the DVD, when I have clients with children, who are facing a move, either to or from the area. It’s another way of showing that it’s not just about the sale of the home, but more about meeting the needs of my clients.

Debbie Knox, Broker Associate, Keller Williams Realty - DFW




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