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High School Senior Transitional Program

Benefit from the same proven techniques and strategies that have helped many other students successfully go to the next level. Our coaching processes are designedto properly align behavior with desired outcome, assist with the growth and development of highly effective people and to enhance the effectiveness of an already peak-performing person.

Program Features

Personalized coaching by your coach

Assessment of your current status as a student

Assistance in clarifying your purpose in life

Assistance in mapping out your goals

Assistance in helping you develop a game plan to achieve goals

Purposeful activities for attainment of your goals

Assisting you in developing the skills to execute your game plan

Assisting you in practicing the basic fundamentals for a successful transition to the next level in your life

Personal guidance, instructions and encouragement to keep you on track to achieving your goals

Changing services and programs and implementation of outcome management

Two half-hour pre-scheduled phone calls with your coach per month

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Unlimited communication with your coach via e-mail

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Role playing on subjects that support your coaching


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