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Your Economic Vehicle in life is more than a degree in your chosen field, a job, a profession, an occupation, or owning your own business. It's an Economic Vehicle equipped with the necessary core elements to consistently meet the specific needs of the consumers you serve, and earn the income/revenue necessary to support and protect your family, meet your financial needs, and achieve your financial goals. One of the primary purposes of Your Economic Vehicle is to get you from where you are today in current reality to achieving your mission, vision and goals in life. This program will assist you in determining and maximizing the full potential of Your Economic Vehicle™ in life.

Program Features

Personalized coaching by your coach

Assessment of the current status of personal and professional life

Assistance in clarifying your personal and professional mission, vision, goals and values and establishing your Goal Positioning System (GPS for Everyday Life)

Aligning your passion and purpose with Your Economic Vehicle

Establishing guidelines for setting priorities for Your Economic Vehicle

Identifying the core elements that make up the body of Your Economic Vehicle

The keys to fueling the revenue generation of Your Economic Vehicle

Developing the skills to consistently and confidentially execute the fundamental activities of Your Economic Vehicle's Sales Cycle

The keys to building strong business relationsips – keys to a sound Economic Vehicle

Changing services and programs and implementation of outcome management

Weekly half-hour pre-scheduled phone calls with your coach per month

Unlimited communication with your coach via email or fax

Role playing on subjects that support your coaching




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