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World Class Coaches®, the premier personal and professional coaching company in the world, is dedicated to providing personalized service and customized solutions to its clients through its World Class Coaching Programs.

Proven Performance That Has Stood The Test of Time. In today's changing markets, it's more important than ever to choose a coaching company with the expertise to maintain focus. At World Class Coaches®, we apply a disciplined approach with our clients in an effort to achieve consistent performance through a variety of market conditions.

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their full potential and increase their performance capability to achieve personal and professional excellence."


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"World Class Coaches' definition of retirement is freedom of choice as to where and how you spend your time with a purpose." ... Johnnie Johnson
"Life is a continual process of transition and change, whether we're ready for it or not." ... Johnnie Johnson
"At World Class Coaches, we strive to make the complicated amazingly simple." ... Johnnie Johnson
"Success is a process of many daily incremental action steps, and not a destination." ... Johnnie Johnson
"Coaching is a process." ... Johnnie Johnson
"If your activities are properly aligned with your desired results, your outcome is assured." ... Johnnie Johnson
"The key is to ask the right question at the appropriate time to obtain the desired outcome." ... Johnnie Johnson
"All I ask is for you to give your very best at all times, despite circumstances" ... Johnnie Johnson
"Expect a positive outcome; however, do not assume or take anything for granted." ... Johnnie Johnson
"A leader's primary responsibility is to Think, Lead and Communicate." ... Johnnie Johnson
"The key is to manage emotions, personalities and egos." ... Johnnie Johnson
"What one skill, if you developed and did it in excellent fashion, would have the greatest impact on your business and your life?" ... Johnnie Johnson
"Slow down long enough so you can move faster." ... Johnnie Johnson

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